JKT Inukshuk Halloween Party

Instead of our annual JKT Pumpkin Patch, we decided to switch things up a little this year with a JKT Halloween Party. Thank you everyone for coming and solving the crime with us, it was a blast!

The kids loved the magic show

Family fun!

It looks like the Wicked Witch has captured Dorothy. Oh no!

Happy Tommy & Hannah

Welcome to the party!

Colonel Julie Mustard posing with our awesome volunteers Kathleen, Zandée, and Sondra!

The bar is open - thanks Ashley & Stefan!

Kenzie's wrapped like a mummy

    Jen greeting some enthusiastic guests

    Magical Duda and his show

    Craft table for the kids was a hit!

    Family photo with Mr Tyler Green, Joe, Professor Jen Plum, and her niece Emily

    Checking in to the party with Brenda

    Yummy dessert table

    Album Studio Space

    Professor Jen Plum looking cute!

    Set up Crew - what a Team! THANK YOU!

    Kathleen posing with her partner Zandée

    Mary and her mom Sondra

    Our wonderful party planners - Ooh La La!

    Al and Adel playing dress up

    Jen with her mysterious friend Katie

    Stef and Kathryn - Edward Scissorhands, you sure won for the best costume and your sidekick The Riddler was adorbs!

    The Rileys enjoying family fun

      Stef "Edward" staying in character

      Good old family costume party

      Emily and her boyfriend Joe. Nice coconuts!

      Katherine and Orysia

      Happy friends Matt, Tracy, and Katie

      The first 2 to arrive in costume - Kenzie & Madison

      Happy kids and mom Heather

      Family fun!

      Her knight in shining armour

      Welcome to the party

      The magic show was a hit

        Karen and the Colonel

        Kids busy at the craft table - popular activity!

        Caroline and Peter looking cool

        Alyea, Scott & Simon the Spiderman!

        Announcing the winners of the jar contest

        Friends having fun! Erica, Hannah & Stephanie

        Guess who is in the middle

        Awesome costumed family!

        Cute family portrait

        Great outfits

        Still staying in character - thanks Edward!

        Winners table

        The suspects wall

        Guess who!

        Welcome to the party - Come play with us!

        Bertrams are kookoo

        Julie's Dad & Carolyn!

        Posing with her pop's

        Pete, Ana & Felix = FUN!

        JKTeam photo - Clue less :)
        Ms. Holly Peacock, Ms. Claire Scarlett, Mr. Tyler Green, Professor Jen Plum, and the Colonel Julie Mustard!