Luxe Appliance Studio Lunch 2014

We were invited to the Luxe Appliance Studio (king/parliament) for a lunch. Little did we know that we were actually going to be making the lunch ourselves with the guidance of executive chef Nikko Jacino. It was freaking awesome!!

Luxe was so generous in teaching us how to use their extraordinary Bosch, Thermador & Gaggenau - so we can share our knowledge with our own clients and friends. If you are in the market for chef's kitchen level appliances, you too can come in and try them all for yourself before buying. What a cool concept.

Luxe lunch 1
Claire and Lissa getting ready to cook the roasted
vegetables with pine nuts and olives.
Luxe lunch 2
Nikko Jacino - Executive chef with much patience.
Luxe lunch 3
Jen Palacios and Carrie Davidson starting to prep
the amazing Risotto dish.
Luxe lunch 4
Holly and Steph made a Lemon Lime tart with a
candied graham cracker crust and blackberry sauce.
Dante is the very helpful and lovely kitchen
help when needed!
Luxe lunch 5
Tyler Delaney is about to make salmon on a
kale and tomato salad.
Luxe lunch 6
Nikko cutting the salmon for Julie and Tyler.
Luxe lunch 7
Happy veggie cutters!
Luxe lunch 8
Cast iron cooking.
Luxe lunch 9
Chef Kinnear. Look at that gorgeous food!
Luxe lunch 10
Steph slaving over a hot blackberry sauce!
Luxe lunch 11
Taste testing the salmon.
Luxe lunch 12
Look at that veggie dish. Amazing!
Luxe lunch 13
We are all about to sit down in the Luxe
Appliance Studio to taste what we have all created!
Luxe lunch 14
And it did not disappoint. Here is the birthday
feast for Julie Kinnear and it was really fantastic!

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