Amy Flowers’ Amazing Race Milton 2015

Team building at its best - from finding the American Bisons to the wildlife walk at Mountsberg!

Amazing Race 1
Team Selfie at the splashpad at The Milton Sports Centre
Amazing Race 2
These damn cubes!! One challenge the team could not
finish in time....Rattlesnake Point
Amazing Race 3
Steph is wiping the sweat off her brow.
Amazing Race 4
Dressing Holly up as a firefighter!
Awesome job Holly. Hilton Falls
Amazing Race 5
We thought we were cheating but that's
the only American Bison we could find. Mountsberg
Amazing Race 6
Steph rules at the Minute to Win It challenge IN Lake Kelso
Amazing Race 7
Julie smashes the Minute to Win it challenge at Lake Kelso
Amazing Race 8
Crazy Lizards - Hilton Falls
Amazing Race 9
Teamie at Mill Pond
Amazing Race 10
Teamie at Springdale Farm with Morris the Moose
Amazing Race 11
Teamie at Glen Eden Ski Hill
Amazing Race 12
Holly taking the view at Springdale Farm
Amazing Race 13
Tyler worked for Starbucks for about 5 minutes.
Making a delicious Strawberry and Creme Frappucino
Amazing Race 14
We go our selves a Green Tea Iced Tea!
Amazing Race 15
Tennis anyone? 8 volleys in about 2 mins.
Way to Go Julie and Tyler
Amazing Race 16
Rattlesnake Point Team
Amazing Race 17
Steph bending it like Beckham!
Amazing Race 18
The wildlfe walk at Mountsberg. Holly and Steph
running it to find the next clue!

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