5 Instant Green Changes: October

Our Green Lifestyle section offers 5 great tips every month, which will help you to do small green step immediately. You can contribute too - we welcome your own idea in the comments and will include them in the next month's list.

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Tips for October:

  1. Recycle Logo by chrissatchwell
    Recycle Logo
    by chrissatchwell
    Recycle eye-glasses. Maybe your old glasses are not fancy anymore, but they can help millions of people with eyesight problems. According to the World Health Organization, about 87% of the world's visually impaired live in developing countries. Your unwanted eyeglasses can change their life quality substantially. Old glasses are definitely not the major pollution source, but recycling this item gives you an extra good feeling. Check CLERC website for details.
  2. Trash bin by Alarzy
    Trash bin by Alarzy
    Don't stigmatize waste pickers. We usually turn our eyes, when we meet somebody digging in garbage. No matter their motivation, waste pickers may have surprisingly large impact on environment. There are around 15 million people, who collect metals, paper, or organic waste. One tonne of paper counts for 17 trees; various organizations are trying to rise awereness about this issue and a representant of waste pickers, Maya Khodave, even spoke on the recent United Nations climate change talks in Tianjin.
  3. thermometer 5
    by BBQ Junkie
    thermometer 5
    by BBQ Junkie
    Do not wash in hot water. Modern washing machines and detergents can clean your garments perfectly in most cases even in tepid water. Try it once, if you don't believe me and you will save a lot of energy and money.
  4. Rain drop by LijoJose 100X100
    Rain drop
    by LijoJose
    Buy a rain barrel. It is probably not the best idea to drink rain water, but it can be great for watering your garden or washing driveway. There is an extensive offer of barrels in shops, or you can make your own (just don't forget on children safety and insect protection).
  5. Frozen Ice Cubes by stevendepolo
    Frozen Ice Cubes
    by stevendepolo
    Replace old refrigerator. Refrigerators older than 10 years are highly energy inefficient. Running one can cost you $70+ per year, so the expenses for a new one can be replaced quite fast.


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