Bought low and sold high!

In your hands by Ibrahim Iujaz
In your hands by Ibrahim Iujaz

Just a note to let you know how we can help you or your friends and family.

Our clients Christa and Greig have seriously busy work lives and a young family. When they decided it was time to move from their High Park home, they wanted it to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible so it wouldn't interfere with their work commitments and family time. They turned to The Julie Kinnear Team for help.

Having outgrown their home but really loving the neighbourhood, they were hoping to stay nearby. We helped them search for a solid older home with character intact on which they could put their personal stamp. (Christa being a very talented designer).

They were very appreciative of Julie's advice to sell when they did, as we sold quickly in multiple offers and they received 109% of their asking price. Only a couple of weeks later we found a real opportunity in High Park. When the property became available, they were unsure as to whether they could realistically do the renovation they wanted. To help them make the best decision, we used some of the great resources and connections we have, and brought in an experienced contractor to do a reno assessment prior to making an offer. Armed with the information, Holly was able to negotiate a sweet deal for them. They bought low and sold high!

Their family is moving on with their lives and couldn't be happier.

Guiding you home,
The Julie Kinnear Team

P.S. Who do you know with a busy life looking to move quickly and efficiently, perhaps in a similar situation that could use our help?

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