Christmas Decorations – how to make your home stand out this winter!

Christmas is coming! Each year, this serves as a magnificent opportunity to change the appearance of our homes a little bit and create a lovely atmosphere that will make the holidays memorable. In this article, you'll find unique tips that will make yours a bit different!

Consider using a unified theme for all your Christmas decorations. Some families might prefer one dominant colour, some a set of specific ornaments that appear all over the house. You might also think about making it more fun and challenging - create a different theme for every room and combine the best of both words. That way you're going to ensure everyone's happiness, as - let's face it - the tastes of all the inhabitants can differ dramatically.

Leave nothing untouched
Christmas in the bathroom, anyone? It can be very interesting to decorate unusual places and pay extra attention to how their appearance changes. Don't forget practical thinking - don't use materials such as paper or water paint in wet areas and watch for places that produce heat - you don't want to get your home "burning with enthusiasm".

The Christmas tree
If you opt for living trees, make sure you're going to cut the stump with a fresh cut and put it in water immediately. You want to cut it diagonally, making theabsorption area bigger. A fresh-cut tree will absorb several quarts of water right from the start. Don't forget to check and the water level a couple times daily for the first week and refill if needed. If you have space in your home, it's fun to put a tree in the smaller rooms as well. Get a mini-tree for the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, and get it to match with the theme of its surroundings.

Fake snow
Every child loves snow. While Toronto is nothing short of it, it's still refreshing to modify the interiors for a more organic look - take the bathroom or windows for example. One of the options is Insta Snow and there are plenty of other comparable products on the market.

The big snowman
Why not make a snowman right in your living room this time? You have two options - either you can use fake snow or paper, glue, a couple cheap inflatable balls and white textured paint. The rest is up to your imagination!

Try not to use flashing "kitsch" elements this winter. Not only it will make your home stand out compared to others, but it's also less distracting and. Instead of looking like a miniature Christmas store, think about using lights with slow transitions and newcolours that will accent the best features both outdoors and indoors as well. Often it's just the matter of changing the light bulbs or use suitable coloured sheets.

Candles are an element which shouldn't be missing from any Christmas decoration. The easiest way to make them more attractive and personal is to get blank candles of anycolour and use three dimensional textured paint.

Home appliances and computers
Consider using a semi-transparent covers to give them a different colour or glitter. You might use Christmas garland around screen edges as well. Put a Christmas themed screen saver on your computer screens, or, even better, turn them off completely if you can and cover with something so you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere without distractions!

Christmas garland
Garland is one of the best tools to cover door frames, window frames and the edges of mirrors with. Don't forget to secure the decorations with tape or something similar.

Reusing Christmas cards
You can cut out elements from Christmas cards, old or new, and put them on various items, such as curtains or tablecloth.

Are you getting a lot of Christmas cards? Consider making an exhibition in the kitchen. Instead of using magnets on yourrefrigerator, try to make it look like a gallery.

The dinner table
Why not try and dress up your dinner table a little bit. Use a plain colour tablecloth, and just like in the case of candles, sprinkle them with textured paint or glue cut-outs to it.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the bells. With ribbons, you can tie them together and knot at the top. Drape the bells over a door knob, this way they'll ring every time as someone enters or leaves. Watch out, it might get a tiny bit irritating after a while!

As always, there are no limits for your imagination! Christmas is a great excuse to entirely change the feel of your home. It will not only bring a little variation but will affect you and your family's mindset - which can result in stronger bounding and many wonderful memories that you will never forget.

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