Christmas Feng-Shuei

Christmas tree by ShedBOy
Christmas tree by ShedBOy

Do you love Christmas? Well, who does not. Another question - did you think about Feng-Shuei? Maybe Christmas time it's time, when you can try to apply this philosophy in your home.

For those, who haven't heard about it, or those, who believe Feng-Shuei is a mixture if Chinese martial art and roasted duck: Feng Shuei is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, which should help to aim positive qi in human life by positioning buildings and furniture in accordance with Earth's powers.

You may believe it, or not, but one try cannot harm you. And it can be pretty funny family activity!

Christmas Tree

Have yourself a merry little christmas by E  E
Have yourself a merry little christmas by E E

Position the tree in the south, east, or in the middle. I know, your living room proportions represent a serious problem. Feng-Shuei says this key Christmas symbol should be placed in the eastern part of the room. If not possible, south is a good option too. The middle of the room is your last resorts; do not place it in the east or north!

Red? No!

If you like red Christmas tree decoration, try to make a change this year. Red is not the best color according to Feng-Shuei rules and yellow or golden as well. However, if you like blue ornaments, you are the right person. Other colors with positive influence include silver, grey or even snow-white.

Lot of Light

Christmas time by NancyCoop
Christmas time by NancyCoop

Nobody will be surprised when I say that light relates to positive qi. Feng-Shuei rules naturally ask for a lot of it. Luckily, this is an easy task during Christmas. More light sources with gentle soft light are better than one strong source. Try to create harmony between the tree lights and other lights. Ordinary candles are better choice than sets of aggressive led light, I hope do not have to remind that (just don't let your kids to burn the house)!

Fireplace can be the cherry on the top. Flames have the power to balance human inner energy. If you are not lucky enough to have a fireplace, candles can do the job. Just be aware not to place too many of them on the eastern side.

The final advice – try to balance everything. That is not only what Feng-Shuei says, but also your doctor.

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