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College Students by SMBCollege
College Students
by SMBCollege

A career in real estate might be a good path toward earning a fortune. The knowledge required for real estate plays a crucial role in the profession. It is often as important as personal skills or opportunities. It's no wonder that many try their luck in the area of real estate business. Success in this career may lead to an indispensable source of passive income, as well as a massive cash gain from great sales that can sometimes satisfy your material needs for the rest of your life.

However, a career in real estate does not just happen. As an extremely demanding job, it requires an enormous personal commitment to excellence. Be ready to make personal sacrifices in terms of time and high stress levels. But do not lose enthusiasm already. It is true that the negatives slowly get pushed aside as your career makes progress. Still, prosperous people in the profession say it is a matter of perspective and balance.

So, do you wonder where to start your career? First, you should be aware of the difference between regular real estate courses and real-estate-related programs either at university or college. Real estate courses are a good choice for those who have little free time. Even though the courses and final exams are quite exhausting to study for, they are the only way to become a certified real estate agent. After passing the exams and obtaining a license, you enter the so called two-year articling phase, which follows initial registration with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).

The University of Toronto by Lil Zebra
The University of Toronto
by Lil Zebra

For those willing to study real-estate-related programs on academic ground, there is a wide variety of choice within the Toronto area. The business faculties of almost every educational institution include courses on the topic. But there are also a couple of places where you can get a degree in real estate.

The University of Toronto, as a leading public research institution, provides a real-estate-orientated curriculum within studies at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. After a curriculum reform in 2003, the learning programme was updated, and since that time, students have more chance to learn about real estate and urban economics. In spite of the absence of any pure real estate programme, subjects like Business and Land Use Planning in Real Estate may provide students with a beneficial overview of the real estate industry. Taking Real Estate Law, offered from the Faculty of Law, may also be prudent.

Being Canada's third largest university, York University hosts many specialized programs. Its Real Estate Certificate is designed for people who already hold a license and wish to update their knowledge. Unlike the Real Estate and Infrastructure Graduate Diploma, it is for those without the ambition to pursue a full business degree.

The courses of The Business School of Humber College include relevant subjects, such as Real Estate Law and Real Estate Procedures. For law clerks and legal secretaries, the course called Real Estate: Law Clerks, terminated with the written exam, is especially appropriate.

Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology supports enrolments for both full-time students along with part-time learners interested in building knowledge of the real estate sector, with many practically orientated subjects like Real Estate Practice and Procedure. You may also attend their Real Estate-Law Clerk Course.

Seneca College by Wikimedia Commons
Seneca College by
Wikimedia Commons

A similar offer may be found at George Brown College. For office assistants, there is a distance education course.

Searching for something in the greater Toronto area? You should check out Seneca College. The fact of being Canada's largest college is reflected in its high number of courses — including the diploma program Real Property Administration, the module of Legal Procedures in Real Estate, and the Real Estate Transactions. Seneca College's Law Clerk Diploma Program is also available.

Durham College in Oshawa offers an attractive variety of online courses including, Real Estate Practice and Procedure I & II.

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