2008 December Krazy Kontest

You're probably going to find yourself invited on a party or two this month - thought an LCBO gift certificate would do the trick... enjoy $25. on us at The Julie Kinnear Team. Be sure to reply by December 15th, to get your entry in! ... reminder every entry qualifies for the GRAND PRIZE in March 2009!

Just answer the following skill testing question for your chance to win!

One correct answer to the following skill-testing question will be drawn:

Which client website did we highlight in the latest Kinnear's Komments?

www.Loicgourmet.ca - Kathleen Finlay & Chef David Kokai
www.MPdesign.ca - Mike Preston
www.Trove.ca - Carolyn Eby
www.Haunn.ca - Matthew Albiani
All of the above

This contest has closed!