Done Deals: Zoning flexibility of Dufferin Grove triplex widens its buyer pool

The Action: Nearly hidden amid Bloor Street storefronts is this semi-detached triplex with both commercial and residential zoning. It was an intriguing option for end-users and business operators, including some who tried to win over the seller at an offer presentation event in March.

"There were other multiple-unit houses in the neighbourhood, but they were more residential. This was slightly different because the zoning was different," agent Julie Kinnear says.

"It’s a triplex, but you can convert it to office space with tenants above."

What They Got:

Currently, this century-old structure has all three floors above grade set up as separate apartments with one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen and living area. The third floor also has a deck and the main-floor unit is also graced with nearly 10-foot ceilings, hardwood floors and access to an extra bedroom in the basement.

Accessible to everyone is a rear laundry room and a south-facing backyard with new patio stones and trellis. At the very rear of the 19-by-140-foot lot is three-car parking.

The Agent’s Take:

"Everything on the street is your typical, square modern storefront, but this one looked like a house with a front yard," Ms. Kinnear explains.

"That neighbourhood continues to improve, and being on Bloor Street, you’ve got the subway, so the upside [of the location] long term was there."

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Published in Globe and Mail, June 15, 2017


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