Earth Hour 2009 March 28 8:30pm EST

Earth Hour 2009 by Hartwig HKD
Earth Hour 2009 by Hartwig HKD

What are you doing for Earth Hour? Saturday night at 8:30pm...

On March 28, lights around the world will be turned off as over 2,700 cities representing 83 countries celebrate EARTH HOUR 2009. It is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide will participate in this global initiative organized by World Wildlife Fund International. That evening, from 8 pm to 9 pm, homes and businesses around the world, including TREB, will turn out their lights in a symbolic gesture to combat climate change.

Amazing how far it has come in just 3 years. What an incredible effort around the world.

Imagine these Landmarks that will go dark this year:

CN Tower Totonto Canada by Paul Mannix
by Paul Mannix

CN Tower

Niagara Falls by Randy OHC 60
by Randy

Niagara Falls

by Gavin Anderson
by Gavin Anderson

Opera House, Sydney

by Jesse Yardley
by Jesse Yardley

Empire State Building

Rockefeller Center by Barbara
by Barbara

Rockefeller Center

Eiffel Tower Paris by Al Ianni
by Al Ianni

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Santa Monica Pier by Oscar Rohena
by Oscar Rohena

Santa Monica Pier


NHL arenas, one game was even moved for the occasion!

What are you up to this year? Creating traditions? Going out or staying in for a candle lit dinner? Post on our blog what unique ideas you have...

Enjoy and do your part!


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