Energy Audit for your Home

As recommended by our clients...Windfall Ecology Centre

Windfall Ecology Centre is your local non-profit environmental organization and a pioneer & leader in the home energy audit industry since 1998. They will provide the energy audit and facilitate all paperwork for you regarding your Reports, Audit Rebate and Grant Applications.

A Certified Energy Advisor will come to your house and I estimate that he will be there approximately 2+ hours.

The cost is $341.25** GST included for the first appointment ($325.00 for homes 2,500sf or less, $50.00 for each additional 1,000sf over, plus GST). This cost covers your pre-retrofit evaluation and report. The second follow-up appointment (when your retrofit work is completed) is $150.00 ($157.50 including GST) and this includes the follow-up testing & rating.

** The Government will refund you $150.00 towards the cost of the first evaluation, This will come directly from them to you in the form of a cheque after your first visit report has been completed.

In preparation for your visit there are a few simple things to attend to:

  1. Have your Municipal Assessment Roll Number available. (found on your Property Tax statement).
  2. The home must be intact on the day of the testing. No renovations in progress.
  3. All exterior walls/windows, attic/roof must be intact for the testing to be done.
  4. If you have a fireplace in your home, it has to be cool and the ashes must be cleaned out of wood burning fireplaces or stoves.
  5. The Evaluator will need complete access to your home including attic & will bring a ladder.
  6. Seasonal: Air conditioners need to be uncovered for the test day.
  7. If you will be replacing windows, please leave the stickers on about half the windows and have your receipt showing the total number changed available for the second audit.

This link is for the ecoENERGY Federal Rebate Incentives available:

The following is a link to the new Provincial Rebate program that will match the initial Federal Rebate program.

You can start the retrofit work anytime after the first assessment has been completed. A report with recommendations will be sent to you a couple weeks after the first visit. There is an 18 month maximum period available for you to complete any work to your home for the ecoENERGY program and it is available to a home one time only.

Visit for more information on the ecoENERGY program, other energy saving tips and information. Toll Free: 1-866-280-4431

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