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Just a quick note to let you know how we can help you or anyone you refer to us.

Our clients Rustin & Christine are a young, energetic professional couple. They were referred to us by their friend in Toronto, who had booked marked our website to take advantage of our popular resources for home buyers and sellers. Rustin & Christine were living in Grand Cayman and planned to move here to raise their family. As they had a baby son and hoped to have another child, it was important to live close to daycares, great schools and parks.

Rustin & Christine's original plan was to arrive in Toronto and rent to familiarize themselves with the city prior to purchasing, so we helped with detailed information on rental options. They were able to get a better feel for Toronto's preferred neighbourhoods from our website. Rustin pronounced our site 'extremely helpful and user-friendly' and suggested they might be willing to buy a home right away if the right place came up! We set them up on a customized prospect match so they received listings every day that met their needs.

As we have many clients moving here from outside of Canada, we have superb financial professionals to help them to obtain the best mortgage package, as well as a specialist to help protect their foreign currency from costly fluctuations when transferring funds to Canadian accounts.

Originally, Rustin & Christine came to Toronto and looked at several properties with Jen our buyer specialist. Because they were so well prepared in advance, Rustin & Christine were able to put in an offer on a beautiful home. After serious negotiations, their dream home in Davisville Village was theirs! They have been able to focus on their moving from Grand Cayman worry free as we took care of the transactional details on this end, until the home was officially theirs.

Rustin & Christine were so happy with our services that they referred us another young couple from Grand Cayman who will also be moving to Toronto.

The Julie Kinnear Team

P.S: If we can provide this type of personal, focused service from thousands of miles away, imagine what we can do to help your home search if you are already here! Who is the next person you know who is ready to let our experienced Team help them make a big move? Let us help you or anyone you refer to us.

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