Family Sells & Buys in Roncesvalles High Park with The JKT

"Hi, my husband Colin and I met Julie when we were interviewing some realtors when we were considering selling our house and immediately we liked Julie’s style and her demeanor and we’ve honestly never regretted the decision to go with Julie. She did a fantastic job marketing and selling our house and one of the things we liked best about it was the fact that we really felt that she was advocating for us and we never had any concerns that she wasn’t sort of working hard and really doing her best to make sure that people saw and were interested in and saw the benefits of our property.

Also, we ended up buying our house through Holly on Julie’s team and really had such a positive experience working with Holly. She shared the same style as Julie and I think in our neighbourhood - we were looking to stay in the same neighbourhood - and Holly set sort of like eight block radius for what we were interested in and she did a fantastic job of showing us properties that were of interest to us and helping us be successful. In a hot real estate market you worry that it’s gonna take years to find a house and I think with her help and guidance we were able to actually get through the process without losing a bunch of houses and ending up worn out at the end it. She really found us a property that is sort of unique at what it offers and perfect for us and our family. So, overall, no complaints and we’re really really pleased that we met with Julie and Holly and we recommend them to all of our friends!"

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