JKT’s Favourites – Air-Source Heatpump

Here's another favourite for Julie!

An Air-Source Heatpump - is a furnace and air conditioner in one. We replaced our forced air oil furnace at the cottage last year with a Mitsubishi Zuba Central electric heat pump. (with back up for rare ultra cold days). Bonus we now have Central air too!

We feel good about this energy efficient choice, and lowering our carbon footprint. How neat is this technology - using the cold air to heat? It's like magic. And works in cold climates to -30. And with A/C it is incredibly efficient.

It is also helping us lower heating costs significantly (especially considering the price of oil - although the gov't doesn't give rebates for 2nd properties so it may never fully cover the cost of install, it is also good for resale value).

If you have any questions about it, let me know!

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