Free Downspout Disconnection – CALL NOW!

Tuesday November 20 is the deadline for free eavestrough downspout disconnection service!  Call 416 392 1807 to have your downspouts disconnected for FREE by the City.  Below are all the details on why it's a good idea to have this done!

The Toronto public works committee has recommended cutting off the free service as of November 20, while making it compulsory for downspouts to be disconnected over a wide central area within three years.  The cost to disconnect downspouts can be minimal for do-it-yourselfers, or cost between a few hundred to more than $1,000. Homes that aren't disconnected within three years will face fines.

The city wants downspouts disconnected to keep rainwater out of the sewer system. During a heavy downpour, sewers get overloaded and back up, flooding basements. The run-off also gushes through sewage treatment plants, sometimes forcing the operators to flush untreated water into the lake.  The problem is worst in the old City of Toronto, East York, southwestern Scarborough and parts of the former cities of York and North York.

For the past 10 years, the city has offered a free downspout disconnection service but few homeowners have taken advantage of it. Toronto Water estimates 120,000 homeowners will be affected if disconnection is made compulsory.  The city council will vote on policy changes at its November 20 meeting.

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