Frustrated No More! True Story of buying now in Toronto

Our clients Carrie and AJ were referred to us by our past clients, after having been completely frustrated by their search for a new home. Having worked with another agent for a year, and not putting any offers on any properties, they began to believe that their dream to own a home in their neighbourhood was never going to happen.

But their friends who referred them knew, (having bought their home with us in a competitive real estate market), that they needed to try again with The Julie Kinnear Team. Jen met with them, spent time asking thought provoking questions and discovered their deep down wants and needs for their new home. Armed with the knowledge of what to focus on they started to look at properties. It wasn’t long before they found a home that they liked, and put in their first offer. Although that one was not meant to be, they learned how to play the game and were prepared for the next time.

Jen kept at the search and just as the holidays were looming, found an amazing property. Carrie and AJ really never thought they could afford to buy in Leaside but Jen helped them purchase a detached 1 1/2 story home in the heart of south Leaside for a great price. Now Carrie and AJ can focus on the improvements they plan on making to their new home and move on with their lives.

The Julie Kinnear Team

P.S. If you know someone who has given up on their search, be sure to send them our way so we can help them focus and make their dreams a reality.

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