Where YOU can donate YOUR furniture – WE DO NOT PICK UP FURNITURE

Please note that the Julie Kinnear Team is not in any way involved in organizing the furniture pick-up. If you have goods to donate please contact either of these fantastic charities directly.

Are you moving, downsizing or just refreshing your home's look? You might be left with unwanted furnishings that could still help other poeple. Every time this happens to us, we seem to scramble for places that will pick up the furniture. Scramble no longer! Here are a few great furniture donation services that will pick up unwanted furniture and distribute it to shelters or families in need.



Habitat for Humanity Restore


Here is an article from the Toronto Star with even more places to donate: http://www.thestar.com/living/article/1243394--charities-where-to-donate-furniture-appliances-clothing-sports-equipment

Please note that the Julie Kinnear Team is not involved in the furniture pick-up but you can call any of the following companies to help you with your donations.  Red Door about pickup at 416 915 5671 x222. Furniture Bank at 416 934 1229. Oasis Clothing Bank at 416-751-0553. Habitat for Humanity Restore (416) 755-7353 X248. The Kidney Foundation 905-278-3003 / 1-800-387-4474. 

If you leave an announcement below, please leave your telephone number so that anyone interested you can contact you directly.


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