Book Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain
The Art of Racing in the Rain

I loved this book and strongly feel that it's a must read for anyone who owns a dog! This book is about Enzo, a mixed breed, and we read this story as told by Enzo…his life, his observations, his family, his experiences and emotions. It will make you laugh and make you cry. I will never look at my dog the same way again.

Dogs may not have opposable thumbs, but Enzo has thoughts, feelings, and a sense of humour, all of which he shares with us.

Enzo begins his life with his owner, Denny, and it's truly "Man with Best Friend". We 'hear' about relationships, marriage, a baby, life experiences—good and bad, all through the 'voice of Enzo'.

Garth Stein has such a great style of writing and is able to get inside the heart and soul of this dog. Amazing!

There are life lessons to be learned from our pets and we may not give them enough credit, as they do teach us if we are willing to listen, however it's not with our voices and ears.

The Art of Racing in the Rain would be enjoyed by both women and men, as there is a component of car racing (can you feel the testosterone?) as Denny is a passionate race driver, so there are lots of references to Formula One driver's and legends.

Pick a few hours to sit down and get into this book, and enjoy. You'll thank me later.

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