Attention Homeowners: Special contest could win you $25K


Don't you have a lot of special memories experienced in your home?  Well, they could win you a $25000 HBC shopping spree!  Royal LePage in partnership with HBC is offering an amazing contest.  Just visit from now to July 8 and submit a story about a great moment experienced in your home.  It could be as simple as time spent with your kids.  Just by entering, you're also entered in a random draw to win a $100 HBC gift card, which 50 lucky people will take home! 

One comment on “Attention Homeowners: Special contest could win you $25K

  1. One of the proudest moments happened just recently at our house. I told my daughter Olivia that I was going to sell her baby things and the money she got from the sale of the items she could put toward something special for herself like a Nintendo DS or whatever. But instead she announced to my husband,myself & a friend who happened to be there, that she wanted to give the money to our neighbor so Al won’t lose his house.Our neighbor is self-employed and has not worked in the last four months therefore he’s fallen behind in his bills.So Olivia showed me by making this most innocent and unselfish act of kindness that she really and truly understands the meaning of sharing and giving to others who have less.My daughter really makes me proud and she’s only 7 yrs. old.!She shows me she can have great compassion for other humans besides herself and her own needs.God we love her so much.It helps me in reassuring my husband and I that we are showing her & providing her with good life fundamentals- especially if she gets it at such an early age.We hope you’ll consider our submission/entry.Thanks………………………..Joe,Michelle, & Olivia Broderick

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