Green is Good for Business

Green is Good for Business
Small Biz TIP from BizLaunch

You’re likely doing everything you can at home to reduce, recycle and reuse, but what about at work? With these simple measures your business could do a lot to protect the environment.

* Buy more bins. Make it easy for your employees to recycle paper and plastic by simply placing an extra bin near their workstation. Put a large bin for electronic waste (such as old fax machines or computers) in a central spot and contact a recycling company to empty it regularly.
* Appoint a 'Green Leader.' Ask one of your employees to lead your company’s recycling efforts. Make it part of his or her job to assess current recycling practices, make recommendations, implement new measures and to encourage other employees to support your green mission.
* Do little things. Going green shouldn’t take a lot of time or effort. Little things like turning off the lights at night, lowering the thermostat or taking public transit will reduce your carbon footprint.
* Turn green into sales. Tell your customers what your business is doing to protect the environment by adding a “Green Policy” page to your website, a paragraph in your next newsletter or a line in your promotional materials. It will give your customers one more reason to buy from you.

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