Have you heard of Bag2School? This has really stuck with me…

This has really stuck with me since I first heard about it from our clients...  So easy for your local school to raise much needed moula!!$$$


Bag2School is your FREE fundraising solution! And it promotes the environmentally friendly Reduce, Re-use, Recyle.

Transform your second-hand clothing into instant cash for your school. Clean out your closets and Bag2School will give you instant cash for your unwanted clothing! Ask your School Council/Fundraising Committee to visit us at www.bag2school.ca to organize a collection for any special project.

B2S is not a charity, however if you prefer, the payment can be made directly to a charity or organization of your choosing.

Bag2School in North America is run by our clients and we are happy to support their family company committed to excellent customer service and giving schools fair rates for used clothing.

Don't Trash it! Cash it! Learn more or book today.


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