Heather & Bryan Found “The House” Soon After New Baby

A big move up in homes can take a long time to find. Heather & Bryan found out themselves, that it can be much more exciting than stressful when done right.


    Heather: "Hi, we’re Heather & Bryan and we live in Bloor West Village and about two years ago embarked on a search trying to find a new home that had a little bit more space for our growing family. We have two kids, a relatively new arrival here, and had some success finding a house a couple of months ago."

    Bryan: "We were referred to Julie by our friends Melanie and Sean, who had a great experience with Julie earlier buying and selling their house. And after meeting with a couple of agents we thought Julie was a great agent for us and after even working with her team it’s definitely been the right choice. About I guess two months ago we were able to find our dream home after basically two years of looking and Julie was very patient, extremely patient with us. But we’ve eventually found our dream house and we had a great experience buying this."

    Heather: "Very smooth buying it, lots of coaching and understanding how to make that offer and how to make it most attractive for buyers but also make it in the way that we were comfortable with."

    Bryan: "And then, after we bought the house, we were very excited. We had to kind of get down to business and sell our place. And that had to be done quickly because we were running out of the spring season, but Julie and her team put us in touch with some great people who helped stage our house."

    Heather: "And did the floor plans, all the photography and everything was like and everything was like very well oiled machine and was super easy in a very stressful time, so all the advice certainly paid off and we were happy with how the house sold."

    Bryan: "She kept us from jumping off the ledge on the last day, when we were expecting people to come in and she made sure we made it through that night and coached us through it."

    Heather: "And very smooth it was on the market for a week and sold quickly and so we were in very good shape. We have the move ahead of us, which will be a big undertaking but it’s been a very positive experience and Julie’s been awesome through all of it, as was the rest of her team!"


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