Help Us Put This Out Into the Universe!

We thought since you're a friend and of course know that we work by referral, that you could really help us put good energy out into the universe! We're looking for a full time Administrative Assistant to take over Paige's position as she'll be going back to school in the fall. It will be hard to fill her shoes but we're looking for an amazing person to do it!

Do you know this person? He or she is...

- Excellent communicator - Highly productive
- Works well with others - Potential to move up in organization
- Hard working, dedicated - Independent & good judgment
- Quick learner - Attention to detail
- Strong organizational skills - Task oriented
- Desire to learn new things - Software fluent
- Adaptable to change - Energetic & presentable
- Real estate experience a plus - Friendly & approachable

They are seeking...

- To be an integral part of a dynamic, committed Team
- A long lasting opportunity to work in a smaller, more intimate & casual environment with less politics and more opportunity to see immediate results, both personal & professional, for their time, effort & commitment.

Let's get connected!

If you know this awesome person, please have them call toll free 1-888 541 3799 for a free recorded message with all the details the candidate will need to find out more about the job and how to apply! Please let us know if you've passed our name along to anyone so we can be prepared.

Thanks so much for your help!!!

Julie, Nicole, KJ & Jen
The Julie Kinnear Team

P.S. Please have your candidates for this position call us toll free at 1 888 541 3799 to listen to a free recorded message about the job!

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