How to Sell Your Home in Toronto for More

Are you feeling nervous about putting your half million dollar or one million dollar investment on the market? Nothing beats selling your house for increasing stress levels. Not only do you face the stress of a change of residence - your financial well-being could be on the line.

Selling your home in Toronto doesn't have to be so stressful. If you've done it a hundred times - most of the time, selling thousands of dollars over asking, it's not. No single homeowner could sell that many homes in Toronto, but over the last fourteen years the Julie Kinnear Team has.

How to Sell Your Home in Toronto for More distills 20 years of combined experience from one of Canada's top real estate consulting teams into one compact manual for selling your home faster and for less money.

Julie Kinnear has been creating bidding wars for her sellers and selling most of her listings over asking for the last ten years. In this manual she shares all the essentials of selling your home for more in Toronto.

There are a lot of mistakes that the first time or even third time home seller makes which can cost them tens of thousands of dollars. Don't make one of them.

In this report, learn about:

  • pricing - what you should and shouldn't do: how the right asking price can not only save you time but you leave with a lot more money in your wallet
  • decoration - the do's and dont's of presale home decor
  • dressing a house - how a quick $200 investment along with just one day of your time can bring a return of up to ten or twenty thousand dollars
  • renovations - which renovations to do and which renovations can actually bring the price of a house down
  • Toronto home buyers - the mentality of the Toronto home buyer: what attracts them to a property and what makes them run
  • timing - when you should buy your new property and what conditions to make sure that you don't get stuck with two homes - or worse - with none
  • home inspection - how to make a home inspector your ally rather than the potential nemesis of your sale
  • Toronto neighbourhoods - what's going up, what's going down and how to present your property at the best time of year for your neighbourhood (they are not all the same!)
  • closing - how to almost guarantee your deal will close on time, on budget and with no penalties
  • post-sale blues - how to avoid getting bogged down in unnecessary expenses and paperwork, a step-by-step guide

These are just a few of the hot topics that are covered in the brand new free report How to Sell Your Home in Toronto for more.

If you're even thinking about selling in Toronto, this could be the single most important document you read this year.

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Learn How to Sell Your Home in Toronto for More
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