Have you ever been called a little geek? It’s a compliment.

Our fab client, Stefanie Pelton Hatcher, first alerted us to this cool service last month.  It may even be the excuse to update your old equipment that you have been looking for!  Stef highly recommends this organization that refurbishes your computer & gives it to a child who would not otherwise have the opportunity to have one.  Here's how it works:

-You can donate your computer simply by dropping it off to reBOOT Canada, at 136 Geary Street - suite 110, Toronto. Let the staff member that receives it know you are dropping it off for "Little Geeks" so that it is properly directed.

What can you drop off?

Little Geeks will gratefully accept any computer (Mac or PC), printer, scanner or computer parts from you of any age. If it is not used in one of their programs it will be recycled and, where possible, revenues from the waste stream will be used to support their programs.

Corporate donations?

If you would like to make a large volume corporate donation of systems, Little Geeks can arrange pick up of systems and a service to destroy and hard drive data on-site. They also provide certification for data destrcution. These services may be eligible for a tax deductible fee. For more information, please call Andy Walker and leave a message for him at 416-637-4660.

CRT monitor recycling fee

CRT monitors (those that have a tube-like an old fashioned TV), will be subject to a $10 recycling fee (for each monitor) that you will have to pay on drop off. Little Geeks uses an environmentally sound process to reclaim mercury and lead from CRTs it does not use in its programs. There is no charge for donation of flat panel monitors.

Tax receipts

Some donated equipment that has a residual value may be eligible for a tax receipt.

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