It’s OSCAR time!

We at the JKT have always been huge fans of the movies - so this is our time to shine. The 79th annual Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, February 25th this year and you can watch them LIVE on ABC at 8 pm. Of course, if you are really into it you will already have established an Oscar pool among your friends and colleagues and will likely be tuned into the sometimes catty, sometimes fawning red carpet coverage which begins at, like, 2 in the afternoon. We hope that next Sunday you'll get the chance to pop some corn, tune in and shout at the screen along with us.

For the official Oscar website with information like this year's nominees, fashions, games and sweepstakes, visit

Just for fun, here are our picks for the major categories for this year - remember you can see our takes on most of this year's nominated films in the movie madness section!!

And the Award Goes To...
Who Will Win Who Should Win
Best Actor - Will Smith Forrest Whittaker
Best Supporting Actor - Mark Wahlberg Djimon Housou
Best Actress - Helen Mirren Judi Dench
Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson Cate Blanchett
Best Picture - The Queen Little Miss Sunshine

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