Janice Lindsay: PINK Colour + Design – JKT’s Favourite Things Friday

Another one of Holly's favourite things from her house renovation!

Holly: "For most of the summer, I had painters at my house painting the exterior and some of the interior. Janice Lindsay from "PINK Colour and Design" is a colour expert like no other and was referred by our good client Jackie Garrow a long time ago. She made everything so easy and I didn't have to gather up paint chips and be paralyzed by indecision. Janice suggested colours I never would have chosen, but are pretty amazing."

Visit Janice's website https://www.janicelindsay.com/and find out more about PINK Colour + Design services. The team is actually a mother-daughter duo. How fun!

Colour influences our emotions every single day. Palette combinations should go beyond good taste to good feel. PINK Colour & Design will create combinations tailored to your psychological needs as well as your furnishings. Whether you need drama or calm, spaciousness or cozy closeness, find out how amazing the right colours will feel every single day!

- PINK Colour + Design

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