John & Tammy are Happy 1st Time Buyers

John: “Hi, I’m John.

Tammy: “And I’m Tammy.

John: “And we both worked with Jen and her team at the Julie Kinnear Team on purchasing our first house with her. Of which we are doing today one of our first two of two tours before we move in. We had a great time working with Jen, we liked the laid back approach compared to some other agents, we’ve met and I know you appreciated all of the data.

Tammy: “Yeah! That was great. I think that looking at all the different houses and all the postings that she sent us, that was perfect.

John: “Yeah, and she was really able to figure out what we liked and didn’t like, too. So thank you Jen and maybe we’ll even have you over, once we move in. Thank you!



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