Julia & Marty Sold Condo and Bought a New Home

Julia and Marty share their story about selling their condo and buying their new home with The Julie Kinnear Team.


    Julia: "Hi, I’m Julia."

    Marty: "And I’m Marty."

    Julia: "And we’ve been working with the Julie Kinnear Team on both the purchase end and the sale end of our places. And here we stand in our beautiful new abode that we bought with Tyler after months and months of searching. How many houses did we see?"

    Marty: "Hundreds."

    Julia: "Hundreds of houses! And the best part is that Tyler did not pressure us at all one single time. In fact, the exact opposite - he really wanted us to wait until we were excited about something and now we finally found it. So, we’re really excited to move in and have Tyler over and celebrate our new house once it gets some furniture. On the other side of things, as soon as we found this house, we also listed our condo with the Julie Kinnear Team. It sold in a matter of two-three weeks?"

    Marty: "Yeah, two weeks."

    Julia: "It sold really, really quickly, which is great. It was a great weight off, so all in all it was an incredible experience and what can we say? We love him!"

    Marty: "Yeah, great job!"


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