Julie Kinnear in This Week In Real Estate Video

I enjoy tracking what people are doing with real estate video. There are not as agents using video as you may think. The thing I find interesting is how many different unique styles there are. I'm fascinated by how unique and personal a persons video shooting/editing style is. I getting so I can turn off the audio and recognize who shot the video.

I thought it would be interesting to just post a compilation of some of the real estate videos that were shot in the last week or so. These six videos are just a random sampling of some of the YouTube channels that I subscribe to. Notice that two of these videos are shot by real estate agents (Terry Burger and Julie Kinnear). This 2 out of 6 is about the same ratio PFRE readers that are agents that do their own photography (~30%).

I think the most interesting is that Julie Kinnear which may look unpolished along side of the other videos. However, despite fact that it appears that Julie doesn't do any editing of her videos they are effective and engaging. They are simple, straight forward and she turns them out like crazy. Of all these six video producers only PlatinumHDTV uploads more videos to YouTube than Julie does and PlatinumHDTV has a large team of people doing production. Julie is a video marketing machine! Go Julie!

Article originally posted by Larry Lohrman on his Photography for Real Estate blog on March 30th, 2012.

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