Did You Know about Tankless hot water systems?

That 'tankless' or 'on demand' hot water systems have been used in Europe and Asia since the Second World War, but are only now coming into common use in North America.

According to Mike Holmes "they are super efficient, space-saving products that- when installed properly - will last almost forever, cut your energy bill and supply unlimited hot water to your home".

3 comments on “Did You Know about Tankless hot water systems?

  1. Tankless water heater heats water only at the time it is being used, instead of storing pre-heated water in a water tank. For getting endless supply of hot water heater, tankless is more suitable for anyone. And you are right this is a space saving unit.

  2. Hello Julie,

    I run the tanklesshotwaterguide.ca here in Toronto and I am a proponent of these systems in most situations (they don’t work for everyone). I would be interested in guest posting or at the very least adding some insight if you decide to elaborate on the tankless water heater.

    Take care,

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