Linda thrilled as she downsized homes in preparation of Retirement

Linda shares her story as she moved from a big old home in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood, and found the perfect property to save for retirement in The Junction Triangle with The JKT.

"Hi, my name is Linda and I've worked with the JKT to sell my house. I had a great big old house in Parkdale, which was a lot of work and to big for just myself. I'm single and I've interviewed a lot of agents before I've decided to go with Julie's team. I really like the fact that Julie got what I was trying to do right away, which was to simplify my house, get a better one that was, well not a better one, but one that was more workable for me. And to put money away for my retirement. And we were able to do that very successfully which was great! Then I worked with Holly to find a new house. She was wonderful, really patient. We looked for about 9 months and she was never pressuring me to go in a certain direction. But I felt like she was really good at telling me what were good areas and steering me in the right direction. And we found the house I'm sitting in right now. And I'm thrilled. It's much more workable. So I had a great experience working with the Julie Kinnear Team."


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