Meat Me in the Junction – JKT’s Favourite Things Friday

Julie's Favourite Thing of this week is Meat Me in the Junction

"This meat delivery service has a been a game changer for us during Covid and the lockdown. Healthy, delicious and affordable, situated in the Junction neighbourhood. Their products are all sourced from local farms, antibiotic free, and delivered to your door in conveniently frozen & vacuum packed separately for freshness. Huge variety and really down to earth owners, who do all the legwork in ensuring quality and best practices are being used."

Meat Me in the Junction is a local meat purchasing service that strives to:

  • Make it easier and more affordable for families to buy and enjoy healthy and delicious meats from local farmers.
  • Allow customers to know how their food is made and where it comes from.
  • Support local farmers and processors who exhibit the highest standards and practices and encourage them to continue making great food.

Visit their website for more info.

Shop local, support local!

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