2006 April Krazy Kontest

Spring is here!! Finally. If the warmer weather and sounds of construction have made you dream of backyard barbecues and entertaining, you are not alone! To help you create your dream backyard, we're offering a $25 gift card to Canadian Tire. Their superstores have huge plant nurseries, a wide range of BBQs and accessories, lawn furniture, even plastic flamingos - whatever you desire to make your house the place to be this spring!

Just answer the following skill testing question for your chance to win!

One correct answer to the following skill-testing question will be drawn:

What is superadequacy?

The standard of competency demanded of your real estate agent under provincial law
The process of executing an estate and disposing of real estate holdings
A greater capacity of quality in the structure than the typical buyer would include or pay for
One of the appraisal principles of surplus productivity

This contest has closed!

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