Moving out of town & looking forward to a change of pace!

In every dream home by Ed
In every dream home... by Ed.

Just a quick note to let you know how we can help you or anyone you refer to us.

Have you ever thought that Toronto is too hectic, and wished you could get away to a more peaceful town? Our clients Jay and Jen were definitely thinking along those lines when they approached us to help them sell the home they bought with us a few years ago. They were eager to move to the outskirts of Kingston, and we were thrilled to help make their dreams come true.

Since they purchased their fixer upper in, our Team had consulted with Jay and Jen throughout its renovation. Their goal was to turn the house into a showpiece that would blend restored original charm with all the modern amenities - a task that can be difficult and expensive. Because our Team helps so many families buy and sell, we had the experience to know what buyers are really looking for in a home and what would improvements would bring them the maximum benefit when the time came to sell.

As with all our clients selling, we met with Jay and Jen to help them with the pre-sale preparations of staging and de-cluttering their home. When the house looked its absolute best, we booked a floor plan and a photographer for the pictures & virtual tour and created a special web page for the house, with a photo gallery and an extensive write-up of all the quality renovations, for our website .

Now Jay and Jen have moved into their new home in beautiful, quiet Kingston - so Jay can have his own workshop, and they can truly change the pace of their lives.

The Julie Kinnear Team

PS - There's nothing like knowing what buyers are looking for when planning the sale of a home! Who is the next person you know who is ready to let our experienced Team help them renovate to achieve the greatest possible return on their investment? Let us help you or anyone you refer to us.

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