2006 December Krazy Kontest

'Tis the season for holiday cheer! If you haven't even begun making a list and checking it twice, perhaps we can help. This month, enter our Kontest for a chance to win a $25 gift card for Chapters Indigo! They make giving easy - even if you're not into books, Chapters offers a wide array of beautiful, exotic home decor items, toys, games, and CDs, DVDs and other media. You can browse instore or online for hours! Enjoy!

Just answer the following skill testing question for your chance to win!

One correct answer to the following skill-testing question will be drawn:

In real estate, what is Reversion?

Whereby unused raw land reverts back to its original wild state
A legal term used in reference to a life estate
A term used to describe the cycle of resources that are constantly being replenished (i.e. solar and wind)
The return of an estate that is presently in the possession of, or is occupied by, another.

This contest has closed!

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