Phones for Food

Have you bought a new cell phone, and don't know what to do with the old one? Do you have a drawer full of old cell phones and smart phones? Now you can dispose of them responsibly, and help your community at the same time! The Phones for Food program collects phones in two ways. The first through phones sent in via postage paid envelopes included in boxes of new wireless handsets sold in Rogers Wireless and Fido outlets. The second is simply drop your phone off at your nearest Rogers or Fido store. Phones are collected for recycling or refurbishing at approximately 1,000 Rogers Wireless and Fido locations.

It is important to protect your personal information, so please remove your SIM card. However, the service provider GEEP - Global Electronic Recycling, is also contracted to wipe all devices upon receipt.

So tidy-up and get rid of all those old phones and turn them into Food for the food bank!

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