Shelley & Aiden’s happy story!

Aiden: "I'm Aiden. Is there any questions you've wanted to ask me?"

Jen: "Yeah, Aiden, what do you think about your new house at 78 Medland?"

Aiden: "Well, I think it's really nice and I think it's really cool that were moving from a house that we've been renting for about four years!"

Jen: "Yeah? And what do you like about this house?"

Aiden: "It's near all my friends. It's just like if you just take the car, it's only five minutes there. Or a bike. And there's a kid I know on the street."

Jen: "Nice!"

Shelley: "What about inside?"

Aiden: "Inside the house, there's a lot of cool stuff and the house is kind of curved on the floor."

Shelley: "Character!"

Jen: "Thank you so much and I wish you all the best in your new house, you guys!"

Shelley and Aiden: "Thank you!"


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