Should you lock in your mortgage?

These days everyone is in a state of anticipation:  what's going to happen to the economy and the markets next?  Is the loonie's big dip a good thing or a bad thing?  Where are rates going?  Why is Ontario running a deficit for the first time in years?

It's really important amid all this turmoil, to keep informed and to consult the experts - those who remain impartial in discussing the facts (neither doom & gloom nor Pollyanna-like wishful thinking will really answer anyone's questions!)  Where should you go next?

WIth the economy readjusting, it's widely thought that the Bank of Canada will start a declining rate trend that will eventually push prime lower.  So if you have a variable rate mortgage, you will want to celebrate!  To find out more about the different types of mortgages, consult an expert who has dedicated her career to advising you on all your options.  We recommend you consult with Carrie Davidson - call her for a free confidential report today at 416 693 6946 or

What about if you are considering entering the real estate market, to take advantage of the first good times for buyers the Toronto market has seen in years?  Back in July, everyone was buzzing about the new stricter mortgage rules, designed to ensure that what happened in the States with all those high-risk mortgages could never happen here.  Please remember that the new rules took effect earlier this month - you can read how they might affect you, here.

Everyone is affected by the changing economy - you are not alone!  The experts are here to advise you and of course, guide you home.

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