Toronto’s Pet Care: SPAW Boutique & Fetch

Toronto is a pet lover's city. With countless pet stores and services available its hard to know where to begin. Whether you're looking for raw pet food or want to pamper your pooch like royalty, we have two pet shops you need to visit! We spoke with the owners of SPAW Boutique and Fetch -- two pet focused businesses that are leading the pack in pet care in the city.


Address: 844 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1N9, Canada
Phone:+1 416-366-7729

SPAW Boutique is a professional grooming service that aims to take the trauma out of grooming.

"My best friend had a traumatic experience in 2005 when her dog died in the care of a groomer",

says Eve Macarthur, owner of SPAW Boutique.

spaw boutique

Eve's shop opened in 2006 and specializes in pet grooming and pet nutrition. She built the shop up from a one woman show to the 20 staff member operation it is today. Her business has attracted customers from Toronto and the surrounding area.

Our clients come from all over, most from King and Queen West as well as Liberty Village. It’s funny when we lose clients that move to the suburbs like Oakville or Markham but they end up driving in to the city for their grooms anyway. A GREAT groomer is hard to find...even harder than a good hairdresser!

spaw interior
spaw treats

Eve's commitment to good groming extends beyond her own work -- she wants to improve the skills of other groomers as well.

We plan on launching a Pet grooming academy. I have a talent for rehabilitating dogs who have fear and issues with grooming. I want to teach the handling techniques required to build trust with dogs. I feel there is a strong need for improving education and values in my industry and I know we can do this with proper training.

Cat grooming is a booming business as well. SPAW specializes in cat and dog grooming with 3 groomers on staff who have their CFMG (Certified Feline Master Groomer Certification). If you own smaller pets, SPAW has groomed guinea pigs and rats as well.

SPAW isn't only a grooming service -- they also specialize in pet nutrition.

"We carry the largest variety of local raw pet food in the GTA and have highly knowledgeable staff in biologically appropriate food."

Yes you read that right - 'raw'. A good diet can vastly improve the health of your pet. Pet foods are notoriously full of poor quality and questionable ingredients that may actually harm your pet in the long term.

something for everyone
pizza treats
hello there

Raw food has been gaining popularity over the last few years. People are becoming much more health conscious and moving to more holistic and natural diets to improve their health. This is also true with their pets' health.

Eve employs well trained specialists in both grooming and pet nutrition, making her store a must visit for any pet lover. You are definitely in great hands at SPAW.


Address: 1452 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1Y6, Canada
Phone:+1 416-534-6986

When it comes to pet exercise and socialization, Fetch Canine Social Club is a great option for pet owners. A long time dog-lover, owner Nadia Brooks created Fetch so she could work with animals for a living and provide amazing pet services to busy pet owners. Nadia wanted to do more than just walk dogs -- she wanted to ROMP them! Fetch offers group romps. Dogs are picked up and taken to a huge private off leash area where they play with other dogs (socialize), play games with Fetch staff (like fetch!) and relax and let loose. The dogs are then safely returned home.

fetch interior
dog statue
fetch leashes

We provide an environment that allows all dogs, even the most fearful/timid/high strung dog just really let loose and have fun. I want to provide an honest service for an honest price.

Stress isn't just a human concern. Your pets gets stressed out too. And just like you, they need time to let it all go and have fun. That’s why Fetch's group romps are such a great concept for pets. In addition to the group romps, Fetch offers doggy daycare, puppy playschool, sleepovers (pets staying with Fetch staff in their home), and home stays (Fetch staff staying in the pet’s home), cage-free grooming with eco-friendly products, and phydography (natural doggy photo shoots, no fake posing, that capture pets in their element).

fetch doggie
Lil Eddies Budoir

Fetch's services appeal to a large and diverse clientele

"...,everyone from stay-at-home mums, to students, to people who work in TV and film, to busy professionals...I think they like the homey, familiar atmosphere. We know pretty much everyone by name, definitely know all their dogs and always try to make everyone feel welcome without being pushy sales people."

Fetch also specializes in eco-friendly and locally made pet supplies and treats.

"I try to bring in unique, seasonal products, similar to clothing stores, so the colour/style changes with each season."

Fetch's treats are a customer favourite so be sure to splurge on a few for your pooch the next time you’re there. Fetch’s services are very reasonably priced (see all prices here) making them a great option for just about any budget.

fetch merchandise
i love squirrels

Fetch and SPAW Boutique are two very special Toronto pet shops. Their unique services, products and expertise make them a must-visit for any Toronto pet owner. We recommend paying them a visit even if you don’t live nearby. Your pets will thank you.


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