Buying Your First Condo or House in Toronto? Adam’s Story

Loyal client Adam had a great first-time home buying experience working with Holly Chandler - so great, that he referred the JKT to his friends and family!

As first time home buyers it was difficult, obviously, to know all the different things we needed to know and Holly was very patient, and very kind, and she helped us deal with the vendors, who were sometimes a little difficult to deal with. She was wonderful as a liaison between us and them, with the different offers that we put in, and she gave us very good advice. By the end of it you realized that it’s difficult to buy a house and Holly Chandler was really helpful in just making that transition from renting to owning very smooth.

If you are interested in buying your first condo or house in Toronto, start your process online by reading the 10 THINGS FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS NEED TO KNOW


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