Selling Your Toronto Home to Buy a Bigger One? Allison’s Story

Allison found Julie Kinnear online and she knew she made the right decision the minute Julie walked in the door! Julie helped her smoothly prep and sell her house - the teamwork was so great, that they later even won bidding war among 10 bidders!

Julie's not only incredibly savvy and deeply connected to what's going on in the market but she's just also an incredibly warm and wonderful person. Selling your house is a stressful experience but Julie made it as good as it could have possibly been. So much that then I, of course, retained Julie to help me find a house and we found the house of our dreams, and beat out 10 other bidders!

So, you've finally met the perfect life partner and now need a little more space than when you were single? Or maybe you've decided to expand your family with the addition of children or a dog? If so, The Julie Kinnear Team can help with both the SELLING of your current home and the FINDING of that new home - the perfect place where to make memories together.

But before upgrading to a bigger home, there are a number of important considerations to ponder.


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