Selling your family home in Toronto?

Dan lived in his family home for 45 years and had really tough time leaving it. In the end, he managed to sell it successfully with the help of our team! Watch his testimonial about the whole process:

When Julie came over, she knew right away that it was tough, especially for me, to let go of my family home.
Julie understood, she was very helpful and patient. It was a tough decision but we picked the right person to help us out and we're
very happy with how it turned out.

As the older generation ages, the middle-age children will often find themselves negotiating the sometimes tricky, complex issues around an estate sale. Unlike a standard home sale, an estate sale involves a couple of extra steps.

The first thing to remind ourselves is that this is a sensitive time for you, so we are really attuned to your needs, in terms of process, but also emotionally. We understand that this can be a tough time.

If you want to find out more about selling an estate in Toronto, read our useful guide. Don't hesitate to contact us for help if you decide to go for it!


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