Toronto’s Cycling Trails: Explore The City On A Bike

As the sun comes out and the heat rises, more and more Torontonians are getting on their bikes, wanting to explore the new aspects of their beloved city. Toronto cycling trails have high rises, stretches of forest, winding paths - there's just something for everyone. So if you've been hemming and hawing with your friends about buying a bike and getting out there, just do it. Not only will you save money and time, you will also help save the environment, and your reward is the experience these trails present.

Discover all of the Toronto Cycling trails in this comprehensive map!

Etobicoke West Bike Trail

An alluring aspect of this 10km long bike trail is the diversity of the land. Bridge-crossings past scenic rivers and creeks provides you with a new, well-rounded perspective of Toronto's truly eclectic variety of land and topography. If after multiple rides you become too familiar with its main trail, there are also smaller detours where you can find greater adventures and challenges, mixed with the scenery you already know and love.

"I live near by so I come pretty often. There is really nothing better than biking along the lake on a beautiful day like this."

Humber Valley Trail

A mix of gravel paths, bridges, and smooth pavement make this 24km long trail an exceptional ride. Whether you want to break a sweat or relax in your seat, the Humber Valley Trail is perfect for both scenarios. Beginners are more than welcome as the main trail is not as challenging, but if by any chance you do want to push yourself, there are a number of detours that will provide you with more rough bike terrain. This is where your adrenaline rush can be found!

Tommy Thompson Park Trail

The greatest attraction of riding through Tommy Thompson Park is that it is a bird sanctuary and you can stop for bird watching almost anywhere in the park! And because it has a car-free zone, you can see families, kids in strollers, rollerbladers and joggers enjoying the trail at a more leisurely pace. There is nothing roaring past you except peaceful scenery and that famous Toronto skyline. But still, like the other trails, it is also pretty versatile, with minor detours creating a fun experience. However they are also more natural and bumpy, so make sure to look out for construction and check the weather forecast before heading down there. Tommy Thompson Park Trail spans just over 10km, with the nature trails being approximately 5km.

Don Valley Bike Path

Want to take a tour of the entire Toronto area? Then this is THE trail for you. It boasts a length of 14km and every kilometre brings you closer to seeing this beautiful city from a different perspective. The main trail intersects with many smaller ones which will to take you anywhere in Toronto, from suburbs to the lakeshore, where you can jump off your bike and into one of Toronto's vibrant areas for a good view and good food. The Don Valley Bike Path is multi-use, and even though it's spread quite far it can get crowded, so stay safe!

"I'm really enjoying this beautiful day!"

The Waterfront Trail

This trail takes cyclists to a full 450km ride along the Niagara River and the St. Lawrence bikeway. Although there are some rural paths, this one is purely for leisure, and it's the best for a family or friend outing, where the main goal is to chat, get a little exercise, and enjoy your surroundings. The downtown portion of this trail is freshly renovated and can take you all the way to The Beaches.


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