Sell your Toronto home for 5% more than market average

Did you know... we could save you $54,000?

In 2007, our average sale price was 108% of list price, while the Toronto Real Estate Board's average was 99%. That means if your home was listed with us at $599,000 you'd get, on average, $647,000. If you listed with another TREB realtor you'd only get an average of $593,000 – a difference of $54,000! That $54,000 would go a long way towards your closing costs such as lawyer/realtor fees, land transfer tax, moving costs and the like.

In 2007, our homes stayed on the market for an average of 11 days, while the Toronto Real Estate Board's average was 32 days! That means less stress and hassle for you, fewer people coming in and out of your home, and less disruption to your schedule.

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