2006 January Krazy Kontest

It's a brand new year!! If your New Year's resolutions include getting in shape, we'd like to help – with a $25 gift certificate to the Nike Store, where you can indulge in great sports & workout clothing and footwear. Looking good is the best revenge, so you can work out in style :) Just answer this month's skill testing question for your chance to win! Happy 2008 from The Julie Kinnear Team.

Just answer the following skill testing question for your chance to win!

One correct answer to the following skill-testing question will be drawn:

What is a discharge of mortgage?

A document provided by the holder of your mortgage once a mortgage has been paid in full.
The amount of principal remaining on the mortgage
A penalty you pay for switching lenders
Issued by the morgagee and registered in the land registry or land titles office
Both 1 and 4

This contest has closed!

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