New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 13/2008

New FAQ questions for 13th week of 2008.

Questions submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

Why do prices for the same type of unit vary so much in the same building? »
How do I find out about the rules & regulations, and how things work at my building? »
What is the difference between occupancy date and registration date? »
What is a reserve fund? »
What is a special assessment? »
If something breaks in my condo, do I have to fix it or does the condo corporation take care of it? »
What is a common element? »
What do my maintenance fees cover, and will they increase? »
How come the parking and locker numbers on the MLS listing for my condo are totally different from the actual spaces the building has assigned me? »
Why do I see condos on the Toronto MLS listed for only $15,000 - $25,000? »
What is the difference between owned parking, exclusive parking and rental parking? »
What can I do about construction delays? »
What is the difference between a condominium and a co-op? »

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