New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 29/2008

New FAQ questions for 29th week of 2008.

Questions submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

are there any rules/regulations/codes for cooking smells in a condo in toronto. some condos do not have kitchen exhaust fan, some do. why is that ? your comments on cooking smells in a condo in toronto and possible mitigating techniques if required by law or not. »
Hi Julie, my question is regarding the condos that are in the building stage yet. I have paid a deposit of $60,000 in three installments. The completion is due by next years Spring, when I am expected to come up with the mortgage. My concern is that if I change my mind about buying this condo and need to withdraw my deposit how would I go about it? Would I lose my money? Thank you for your help. Gez Kymberly »

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