New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 40/2009

New FAQ questions for 40th week of 2009.

Questions submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

Hello; we have a friend of long standing, who owns a condominium. We would like to help this person, but are not sure how best to go about it in a very discrete way. The problem is that this person suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, and as a result, is unable to keep the condomimum appartemnt either clean or tidy. This has been quite worrisome to us, as we have tried to help. by offering our time in cleaning up- but this has politely been declined. We are concerned, because of the possible danger to the owners,s health, or as a fire hazhard- also this may be a danger to the Condominium Building itself. We have considered contacting the Condominium's Board of Directors- or perhaps even the Superintendent of the Building. Is either of these viable ways to get this person to clean up.? How can we protect ourselves from losing a very long friendship? For that matter, is this some thing that really is none of our business, and best left alone? Thank you for taking the time to read this question. »
Is there any city bylaw to govern when the heat has to be turned on in a condominiums? It is very cold this week but the heat is not turned on yet. Thanks »
The Status certificate provided to me shows that the condo corp has taken one of the unit owners to court for non-compliance i.e. running a business in a residential unit. What does this mean to someone buying from me. »
If you are a condo owner, do you still need to buy insurance for your unit? Any damages like water damage or fire, is this the condo builders' responsibility? Could you tell me some more on this. this is not clear to me »

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